Vintage Boho Master Bedroom {in Progress}

I am excited to share with you, the progress we have made so far in getting our master bedroom settled into. It was one of the first projects my husband took on after we moved in. He removed all of the old carpet, cleaned up the floors and then we moved our furniture in.
master bedroom with vintage bohemian decor
We left the off white paint color as is just to make life easier for now. The whole house is basically this same paint color. So now we are at my favorite point: making decorating decisions. Also, my slowest point. For some reason I am a real procrastinator when it comes to making decisions on where holes in the wall should go. So I leave things on the ground and have to think about it for another day. Or two. Or three. You get my drift.

I am hoping to get past that in this new house, since I can finally "settle in." I always knew we would eventually leave our last home, so I felt hesitant to make any permanent decisions. No need to worry about that anymore. This is our home for the foreseeable future. Obviously, that could eventually change as life happens, but we have no plans to leave as long as the kids are in school.

Even though I know the word "boho" is starting to get overused, I can't think of a better way to describe my style. Well, other than..."that thrown together look" :) Where vintage and thrift store finds abound. Yup, that's me in a nutshell. All of the furniture from our old bedroom has made its way in here including the headboard, nightstands, lamps and a dresser.

With the old carpet gone, but a giant hardwood floor to make more inviting, I decided to put in my muted pink rug that I got last year. It was in our living room then, but won't fit downstairs in the new place. This was literally the only room that it fits in currently, so thank goodness, it goes perfectly with the vibe.
I've already rearranged furniture in here about three times in just a couple of months. I couldn't decide where the bed should go. The windows on two of the walls throw off the symmetry with the bed, nightstands and lamps, which makes me kind of crazy. I really didn't want to put the bed off center in front of a window. So we settled for the wall with no windows. For now I am liking it, but we'll see. I change things up probably every six months at least, so when I finally get it "all done" it could look completely different.
My mom has been changing out her own decor, and was going to give Hazel her antique vanity. When we did up Hazel's room though, I realized it would be too big in her space, so we got her a smaller one, and I decided to keep this one in mine. Plus Hazel wanted to paint it hot pink...yikes. 
I. just. couldn't. 

So here it is, on my side of the room and looking beautiful and perfect, as is. Hazel's happy with hers and glad she can still come and play dress up at this one when she wants to.
I put the bench that went with at the end of the bed since there wasn't enough room in front of the vanity. And, or course a little basket of Violet's toys for when she plays on the floor in here, while I do my make up.
One thing I am loving about our new neighborhood is the beautiful views of fall colors out of our windows. Every house in the cul-de-sac has a gorgeously colored tree. Here is the beautiful view out of our front bedroom window.
So that is the progress thus far! I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside. As I make more permanent decisions and get things styled, I will be sure to share them here so make sure you subscribe!

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. Just put the nails in the walls! Hanging art/pictures/ decor will make you happier in the long run. If you change your mind, a little bar of soap fills the small holes nicely and you'd never know! Or do what I do when I hang something else or move a painting, just make sure the next thing covers up the holes in one way or another . Hahaha

  2. Gorgeous! I love that rug! It looks so calm and serene, very peaceful. The perfect get away.


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