and just like that, Violet turned one

Yesterday, our sweet little baby Violet turned one year old! This past year seems to have flown by, and we couldn't imagine life without her. She has brought so much happiness and laughter to our family.

Her older siblings are smitten with her and dote on her constantly. It is the sweetest to watch. Even Owen, who was sure he wasn't ever going to like her and "didn't even know why we were having a baby since he didn't want one."

He is over the moon for this little girl now. As we all are...
Seems like just yesterday, that I was driving out to Buffalo to pick up a bassinet for the little girl we were expecting and making room for her in our tiny master bedroom.

Unfortunately, that super cool bassinet didn't work out for too long...only the first few months and I think I only got one or two photos of her actually in it! The newborn phase is so different than preparing for a baby. You have so many hopes and plans and ideas and pretty much they all go out the window and you just go into survival mode when the baby finally arrives.

Thankfully, Violet has been a relatively easy baby and I was able to "survive" a lot better than after the other two. If you don't know my story, I had terrible PPD after Hazel was born and then again only not as extreme after we had Owen. I had maybe a few days of weepiness after Violet was born, but bounced back to my old self much better. I visit my doctor twice a year and continue the same treatment as I have and things are good. I don't like to get into the details of all of that, but encourage anyone struggling with PPD or any type of depression to seek help immediately. Don't wait. It is not worth the lost days and there really can be joy on the other side. I am living proof.

I won't say this year has been easy by any means. Having three kids, is a lot of work I have found and I am more tired than ever, but I also find myself a lot more calm, relaxed and able to enjoy life than I did when Hazel and Owen were babies. Everything seemed so high stress then, but not so anymore.

Part of the relief has been in purchasing our second home and moving out of our very cramped quarters back in Mumford. I do miss the town and community immensely but would never be able to go back to such a small amount of space for the five of us. It is so nice to have room to spread out and arrange things as I want and have kids toys in places where everyone is not constantly tripping over them. Trivial things like closets and a garage really make a big difference when you have lots of people in your home!

So life is very good these days and I have honestly enjoyed every minute of having this precious new life with us this past year. She fills my days with light and love and laughter and I am so happy and proud to be her mom.
When she looks up at me with those blue eyes and reaches her hands for me, there is nothing sweeter. My heart melts every single time. 

I love spending my days caring for her and waiting for my other two to get home from school. We walk together to the bus stop every day and Violet's eyes light up when she sees them hop off. As do theirs when they see her. 

They have cute nicknames for her like "Vi" and "ViVi" and some odd ones like "Babes" and "Bebsin" (Owen came up with both of those...pretty sure the second is some kind of longer variation of the first. Somehow it caught on and we have all called her that from time to time.)

She has been crawling for awhile and is now standing up along the ottomans and the sofa. 

She can climb up a few stairs on her own and says words like "Mama" "Dada" "Boo" and just recently "Hi!" 

She makes the silliest faces, upon request, and gets us all cracking up with laughter at the dinner table. 

Her first tooth just popped up a couple of weeks ago and her hair is just starting to get more noticeable after many months of being "balbed" as Owen called.

We celebrated with our immediate family at home...a small intimate party with homemade decorations and a store bought carrot cake. It was simple, but enjoyable for everyone, especially Violet who enjoyed looking at the decorations (we had lots of purple streamers and balloons at Hazel's request), being passed from grandma to grandma and aunt to aunt, and eating her first bites of carrot cake. Which she loved. 

Hazel and Owen drew characters she likes (based on smiles she gives when she hears the theme songs on PBS)...Curious George and Daniel Tiger. Hazel drew a "Happe Birthday" sign with a row of Violet flowers and Grandma made a fun jute banner (that I plan on using to decorate with in her bedroom).
It was the simplest birthday party I have ever done, and almost made me feel bad that I didn't put as much "effort" into it, as I did with the other two on their first birthday's. But, honestly, I was able to be with her on her birthday and not running about playing hostess, stressing over this or that or the other thing.

So I think it was the best gift I could give her: me.
I am a bit sad that her first year has come and gone, especially looking back at those newborn photos. How quickly they change. A blink. Another one and she'll be two and then three and then....sigh.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to raise these beautiful children and watch all of their milestones. I know I am right where God has put me, so I also rest in that fact even though the years are fleeting. I am so thankful for each day! I pray the same for you whatever season of life you find yourself in.

Till next time...
~Alice W.


  1. aaaw, she is so sweet and beautiful and i can feel the love in your words! can't wait to have my own party of 3 kids going on over here as well! XOXO

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet baby girl. Enjoy every moment of it because it flies by. I had four kids and the last three of them in four years. It was a flipping zoo most of the time but they are so close now. Love to you and that swet baby. xo Diana

  3. They always seem to grow so fast! She is adorable! Enjoy every moment.

  4. Beautiful post. Beautiful, sweet little girl.


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