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Today, I have lots of bohemian bedroom ideas to share with you! I am constantly scouring Pinterest, blogs and retail sites for bedroom inspiration, so today, I put together a collection of various styles all with a boho vibe. My personal style aligns with spaces that are neutral, vintage, midcentury, and eclectic. But whenever I see the use of bold colors or sparkles of glam, I am immediately drawn in. I have included some of those here as well.
I just recently got our new master bedroom settled, which really started to make this new house feel like home. I still have work to do to finish the space, but I love walking in here now. If you missed it, you can check it out here.
For this room, I chose to go with family heirlooms, vintage finds mixed with new decor and an array of textures like chenille, faux fur and kilim pillows and rug. The colors are neutral with muted shades of pink and beige. The light colors are off set by the dark furniture. I have pieces in here that belonged to my mother and grandmother, family photos, plants and my ever growing collection of jewelry (I might be a jewelry hoarder). I love how it is coming together!

| Neutral Boho Bedroom Inspiration |
This space above is our bedroom in our previous home. You can see many of the same elements in our new room, but we have a lot more space now.

Now for more bedroom inspiration found across the web. I will let the photos speak for themselves to inspire you! Click on the links below each photo to be taken to the original source. 

| Colorful Boho Bedroom Inspiration |

via Target

| Boho Glam Bedroom Inspiration |

I hope you enjoyed this collection of bohemian bedroom inspiration. I can't wait to share more from my own space as we make further progress. Click here to see more bedrooms that are inspiring me on Pinterest! Have a great weekend!

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  1. thanks so much for sharing our bedrooms! sawyer is the only one with a non-boho room here. ;) love all of these spaces and i realize just ow much i love a clean and light boho bedroom in looking at these. both of your last two bedrooms have been so soothing and lovely!

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  3. Guess I am not into that boho style as none were a fit for me.

  4. Thank you so much for including me!! I love your style so much and am in love with your current bedroom as well. That dark wood with the light colors just thrills me to death:-)

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