A Trip to Anthropologie

Now that we have moved from a rural small town to a large suburb, I am close to all sorts of conveniences that I wasn't before. Shopping centers galore, every kind of restaurant you could imagine, and a huge mall.

One place in the mall, that I have waited years to visit, is a brick and mortar Anthropologie. I certainly could have gotten myself there sooner (it was about 45 minutes away before), but I only made my first visit after moving to our new home. It's now only about 10 minutes away. Josh and I had a little date night last weekend, and he took me there again where I snapped some photos with my phone to share with you.

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All of the textural bedding and throw pillows lured me right in. (Until I saw the price tags, of course.) But seriously, I was oohing and ahhing and dreaming of bringing some of those pillows home.
Then I was drawn into the ceramics and kitchenware. I had seen some of these in the latest catalog and was loving the muted colors, gold details and imperfect shapes.
I was seriously swooning over that Corgi mug...
When I saw a vignette in the bath and body section, I was instantly inspired by the mix of rustic nature, candlesticks and glass domes. It had a summery feel to me with seashells, corral and driftwood. I know how I will be decorating when the weather warms up...
I actually skipped right past all the jewelry...my weakness. Instead, I admired the little trinket trays and gift items, books, day planners and office supplies they had.
My favorite section was filled with funky planters and ceramics, a light fixture a bit like the one we had in our previous dining room, and more rustic, natural touches mixed in.
I spotted Justina Blakeney's book The New Bohemians Handbook, that I don't yet have. I stopped to peek through it for a few minutes and plan to add that to my home library soon.
And finally, I went to my new favorite little area...the clearance closet! I didn't pick up anything that day, but I am sure at some point it will be my first in store purchase. I was seriously tempted by those colorful, tassel throw pillows!
So many little trinkets and treasures to look through in there. It was a bit disheveled and got crowded fairly quickly, so my hope is to go back sometime on a week day and *hopefully* have it all to myself to search through.

Here are some of the beautiful finds I saw in person that day (or very similar). Click on the links to check them out:

Till next time...
~Alice W.

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  1. Oh- What a fun visit. Would you believe our closest store is about 4 hours away!? I love the things they carry~! xo Diana


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