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Halloween Vignette + My New Midcentury Buffet

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Halloween is almost here! This month is going by so fast and the kids are already getting hyped up on candy. Although, I won't lie...I can't wait till we end up buying *too many* Kit Kat bars and just happen to have lots left over. I am a sucker for Kit Kat bars.
Having little kids definitely brings out the kid in me again, especially this time of year. I have been going a little nuts decking out our new house for Halloween. We never get into anything gory or too scary around here, but you will find lots of pumpkins, bats, spiders, cobwebs, crows, owls, rats and a few friendly ghosts.

Most of the Halloween d├ęcor in this vignette was purchased at our local Dollar Tree. We now live within five to ten minutes to a TON of retail shopping centers. Just one of the many changes from our small town life in our previous home, where w…

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