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Welcome to my home tour! 
My husband and I are renovating our first home, a circa 1930's fixer upper. 

We live in a small town outside of Rochester, NY in a two story, 1300 square foot home that we purchased in September of 2010. It is only a two bedroom, so since having two children 15 months apart, this home has gotten tight for our family of four, but we still make it work. Everything we do is on a budget and either done by ourselves or family members. My style is rustic vintage meets eclectic bohemian, and I strive to make every space cozy and comfortable. It is not about perfection here, but creating a space where memories can be made and love can always be found. To read more about me and my family click here.

I love sharing before and afters of our home and share each room as it gets done. Since we are on a tight budget the renovating process is slow to say the least, but if you sign up to follow me by email you won't miss a moment of our progress! (Even if we are going at a snail's pace).
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Now for the tour! I change out my decor in almost every space every season (Crazy? Maybe. I just can't help myself...and we have a lot of stuff. Hang out here long enough and you will see what hoarders collectors we are). 

If you were here, I would invite you in and offer you a cup of coffee. In early December, you would be welcomed into our festive home. Take the full tour:

Holiday Home Tour 2014

My personal favorite time of year is autumn.
See how I changed things up in my Fall Home Tour 2014.

Our exterior is a work in progress, but here is how it looked in the Fall of 2014:
Rustic Fall Front Porch
and the summer of that same year:
4th of July Porch

You enter our home directly into the living room. The first time I revealed this space was in this post:

And here is the rest of the living room revealed around that time as well:

I have changed it quite a bit since then, including new paint, less furniture, and different accessories.

Across from the living room is the playroom, which you can check out here (decorated for Christmas):

Then we would move to the dining room, which is still a work in progress, but I finally shared a room reveal in September of 2014.

And then again in the fall:

Here are some more glimpses of it back in 2012:
And I currently keep my old mantel in here which I decorate every season or as the mood strikes!

Next, you would enter the kitchen, which is very much still a work in progress. But here you can see the before and some small progress:

There are more pictures of it in my Holiday Home Tour 2014 but it still has a ways to go.
After that, we would head upstairs, where you could check out our seating area (tour coming one day if I get it cleaned up and no longer a storage spot), and then our upstairs bathroom with a clawfoot tub (reveal also coming at a later date) but you can see some glimpses of it in this post.

Our two small children, Hazel and Owen, currently share a bedroom. 

And here is Hazel's Vintage Nursery as it was before we had Owen.

Some day I will show you my bedroom and our art studios upstairs.
You can get a glimpse of my studio in this post where I shared my vintage eclectic gallery wall.

I also have another large bathroom with laundry space downstairs and a mudroom, at the back of the house, which will all be renovated.

We would finally head back down and go outside to take a tour of the patio:

I got it cleaned up last summer which you can check out here:

My "cabin style" back patio (other side) during the summer of 2014:

And then in the Fall of 2014 it looked like this:

You can check out some of our older homes character here:

I love decorating for the holidays, especially Christmas. 

I hope you enjoyed your "visit" to our humble little home and will come again soon! You never know what might have changed by then.

Till next time...
~Alice W.


  1. Your home is darling I can see a lot of work is gone into it.

  2. Always love your photos and style, so very charming ♥

  3. It is my dream to have a small home with character rather than the subdivision home (still not large) that we presently live in. Large trees in the yard are non-negotiable in our next home. Your house is so lovely. By the way, we have a very similar dining room table and I did the same thing with it although ours has gray legs and a wood top.

  4. Where did you get the Southwestern print throw pillows in your Fall Living Room? Love them!!

  5. I am just in love with your home. I noticed especially your photography. The close ups are so nice and the shots into windows without glare are so pretty and light but not overexposed. Then, when I read your "about me" and see what camera you use, it really brought home the fact that it's not the gear that makes a good photo, but the photographer, and you are SO talented. Love your vignettes and styling too:-)

    1. I'm in love with photography and was noticing it as well…..everything is beautiful and you captured it all perfectly!

  6. i love your home/blog! i actually live in rochester ny (ogden). i love when i stumble upon blogs from my area! your decorating is spot on! love it!

  7. Every corner of your house is a masterpiece! I admire how you redesign your house for every occasion. It seems like a lot of work, but I’m sure the smiles of your guests make it all worthwhile. Great job, Alice!

    Devin Newton @ Indy Market Homes


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