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Welcome to my home tour! My family and I moved to Perinton, NY in the summer of 2017. This is the second home that we have owned. Our new home was built in 1971 and is a traditional, four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath colonial.

The home only had two previous owners and hasn't ever been updated much on the inside, so we have some work to do to make it our own. I will be sharing lots of updates here as we remodel, decorate and make this house a home, so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any transformations. We are a one income family, so all of our renovations and projects are done with a modest budget in mind. You can take the "before" tour here.
I will update this page with posts from our new home as soon as I share them on my blog. In the meantime, you can take the tour of our previous home below.

We purchased our first home in Mumford, NY in September 2010 after living in a one bedroom apartment, two bedroom townhouse and two bedroom rental home, the first years of our marriage.  This home was built in 1930 and was a two bedroom, 1274 square foot home. We enjoyed a quiet, small town life in this charming little house, but eventually, it became too cramped for our family of five. We sold it the summer of 2017, which you can read about here.
My style evolved considerably while owning this home going from rustic farmhouse to eclectic bohemian. Also it went from what I would call "cluttered" to more minimalist as time went on. My style has also gotten more and more kid friendly through the years and now has a comfortable, cozy, lived-in feel, but with my own unique style.

I have always had a love of vintage and thrift store finds, so those can be found throughout every room. My battle with perfectionism often kept me from following through on finishing projects with this place, but through the years I have learned it'ts about creating a space where memories can be made and love can always be found. Not a picture perfect house.

Let's start with the front porch...
We didn't renovate this space in any way other than adding a new light fixture and painting around the front door. I changed the decor out seasonally so you can find lots of previous posts of our front porch.

Now, we will step inside the living room. One issue I always had with this home, is that it did not have an entryway or any first floor closets. We had had to get creative with storage for outdoor gear.

The living room went through many transformations as my style changed and I have learned what works and what doesn't for our family. It was a journey finally getting it to a comfortable, kid friendly space, while maintaining my style. Here was the last layout before we moved in the spring of 2017:
Here it was decorated with our chesterfield leather sofa before we got the more family friendly sectional and chair.

Head around the corner and you enter the dining room. It was open to the kitchen and was a favorite of mine to decorate since my salvaged mantel resided here for many years. I loved changing it up whenever the mood would strike. Here it was decorated for fall in 2016.
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The mantel was redecorated almost weekly! Here it was in the fall of 2015.

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The kitchen was rarely shown here on my blog. It took us three years to finish our makeover! Here is how it looked when it was finally *almost* done the in the fall of 2016.
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Opposite of the living room, we had a playroom/office space. Here is how it looked when we staged it to sell (it never looked this tidy while we were living in it!).
Upstairs, we had a full bathroom and two bedrooms. The master eventually became our two older children's shared bedroom, while we took the smaller one. Here is our bedroom after we made the switch:

Finally, we will head to the back patio. I decorated it for special occasions and enjoyed the view of our beautiful back yard from here. Here is a shot from my fall home tour in 2016.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and be sure to subscribe to see updates from our new home! I have so much to share!

Till next time...
~Alice W.


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